What happens with de Fenzi Movement

Karen Douglas de Fenzi Morton Manor LR1de Fenzi Movement is an experience of Hanna Somatic Education. You are guided by Karen Douglas de Fenzi, a Somatic Educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, to gather precise knowledge about yourself from different perspectives. Through a sequence of slow, simple and gentle movements you can gradually tune into how you truly feel about things happening in your life whilst at the same time identify your feeling in your muscles and joints. By doing these movements you can learn and remember and practice them at home, in your own time, to grow your self-awareness, regulate muscle tension and maintain graceful, effortless, youthful walking for the rest of your life.

There are a myriad of benefits from Hanna Somatic Education once you get started and continue your practice of the movements regularly and as part of your life when you need to. Fundamentally, you are altering the resting tonus of your muscles so you can come to know how it actually feels, from within you, to lengthen and decontract muscles you have previously held continually contracted, possibly without even knowing you were keeping them contracted. How this happens is that you supply the sensory-motor cortex of your brain with new information, by doing your movements very slowly, so you can voluntarily decontract your muscles, rather that continually contracting them, automatically, by using the Cerebellum of your brain. If your muscles are tense, sore or painful, you may be experiencing discomfort within yourself because your muscles are continually contracted, in other words ‘amnesic’.

Thomas Hanna’s term Sensory Motor Amnesia means that your brain has literally forgotten how to recognise your muscles are staying contracted to a certain degree all the time, no matter what you “do” or “have done to you” to try to release them. By practicing Hanna Somatic movements, the activity of your muscles can be returned to a resting level and it is this that enables them to lengthen and relax. Relaxed and rested muscles, frees attention and allows joints to settle back into comfortable positions so you can think clearly and move more efficiently and effectively. 

Education and Learning ~ quite often we associate learning and education with something cognitive, the execution of abstractions and purely a mental process. Another domaine of learning altogether is sensory-motor learning; the kind of learning you achieved when you learned how to ride a bike, drive a car or snap your fingers. It is an experiential learning that is a non-verbal and non-discursive. Learning with de Fenzi Movement is sensory-motor learning.

How it makes a difference for you ~ because you are making your movements very slowly, there is enough time for the sensory-motor cortex of your brain to receive new sensory information. This is the area of your brain that can control movement. Gradually, with practice of Hanna Somatic movements, the neuronal ‘scent’ you are laying in your sensory-motor tracts generates new pathways for the neurons to follow. These new pathways, allow you to regain voluntary control of your movements because the old neuronal pathways that may have continually kept muscles contracted, have been switched off. Regaining control of your movements means you are more aware of how you are moving and acting in the world.

So the difference is that as you begin to move more appropriately for yourself in every aspect of your life, your muscle tension around your joints is becoming re-balanced and equalised and because of this, the pain or discomfort you were experiencing is removed and you can function freely and congruently. You are free to engage with others more confidently because you feel more comfortable and open from inside of yourself. 

Your Experience ~ with de Fenzi Movement you may like to try an individual or small group session, where you will be guided by Karen through simple, slow-motion and low-key movements, done within your own comfort zone. You will learn how to sense and feel into your movements, consciously. As you become more aware of what you are doing when you are making your movements you will notice differences within you and that you are narrowing your attention and focusing more accurately. This sense and awareness will continue within you and be maintained and developed everyday in your living experience with the other people around you.

In all sessions you can wear loose, comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing for ease of movement and after your session you will be given specific movements to do at home so that you can independently develop your own personal practice to suit your own time, lifestyle and commitments. This allows you to continue your improvements and helps you to prevent the recurrence of problems because you are constantly reminding the sensory-motor cortex of your brain how to control your movement. Even if you have no issues at the moment, if you do encounter problems, adversity, injury or stress, you will know what to do about it. de Fenzi Movement is thus a preventative measure in your life. 

No matter what your age or stage in life ~ you can establish and enjoy Hanna Somatic movements with Karen. Because the movements are specific to your own naturally occurring body movement sequence and follow the movements you made when you were first learning how to walk, anyone can do them.

With Hanna Somatic Education you can ~ create a new freedom of thought, sense of awareness and movement in your life,                                                                        

~ improve your mobility and posture

~ increase your ability to pay attention and focus

~ release and relieve any neuromuscular pain, both acute and chronic

~ ease your breathing

~ increase your enjoyment and performance of physical activity

~ overcome dizziness