Unlock Tension

You may feel fatigue or lacking in energy after spending hours and days sitting forwards, working at your computer screen. In our 21st century culture we are trained from an early age to become immobile for long periods of time, except for our hands, eyes and nervous systems. This is a formula for stiffness and tension. Being deprived of the benefits of movement fades our perception and awareness of what is stressful. Over time you can become stagnated and unstimulated, or conversely, develop an over stimulated sensory system. Hanna Somatic learning can equalise your muscle tension ~ so you can tell which muscles are tighter ~ and balance your nervous system ~ so it can be quietened, if desired. You can unlock your tension and improve your performance by learning how to release lactic acid from your muscle fibres and detoxify your nervous system through subtle, yet powerful movement.


Painting  “Joss Naylor Wasdale 1970’s” by Mick Wren Art