Why is Karen Douglas de Fenzi doing this?

de FENZI Movement

What is it for?
To find your own space ~ if you don’t want to be spoken to in the mornings until you’ve had a cup of coffee ~ if you were rubbish at school sports but still want to feel fit ~ if you’re exhausted or functioning at 30% and want to feel your energy and boost your brain power then de Fenzi Movement can help you wake up refreshed with a spring in your step. You can learn how to…
…unlearn repetitive body-brain habit patterns you have developed in response to modern living, e.g. high performance working environments…

…remember what you’ve forgotten about living and feeling well, despite life’s stress points

What is it?
de Fenzi Movement is a simple, safe and low key self-exploration of movement reminding you of how relaxed muscles actually feel. The movements, designed by Thomas Hanna, are subtle yet powerful. Karen Douglas de Fenzi is a somatic educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. The movements are done slowly, with maximum conscious attention, so the brain as well as the body is exercised.

How can it make a difference for me?
As you learn and begin to recognise, for yourself, the difference in feeling between feeling tight, stiff and sore muscles (that are partially contracted all the time) and muscles that are fully lengthened and relaxed, you will find the benefit of knowing yourself better.

Why is Karen Douglas de Fenzi doing this?
My motivation in founding de Fenzi Movement is witnessing first-hand the devastation people can experience in their lives when they become incapacitated by physical and emotional pain and don’t know what to do about it. In practical terms the movements give internal direction towards self-reliance in times of adversity and encourage a fresh and new perspective no matter what the challenges are ahead. We can find, for ourselves, what is most important in maintaining health, vitality and resilience.
JANUARY small group sessions in hanna somatics  COCKERMOUTH
SATURDAYS  9. 30 ~ 11. 30 am   7th. 14th. & 21st.
Quaker Meeting House, Kirkgate CA13 9PH