strength is not hardness

Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) puts you back in touch with your muscles so that you can reconnect with your body. If you can feel your muscles, you can control them and know yourself better in your whole living process.

Let’s say a person has continually sore muscles in their lower back. They may find the muscles either side of the spine, left and right, will feel hard. Usually a person with hard muscles is quite anxious, has some injury or for various reasons higher levels of stress in their system. This is why their muscles get hard and tight, they cannot relax them even lying down.

Hard muscles are a sure sign, not of strength, but of constricted range in movement. Muscles have natural elasticity and ability both to contract, or shorten, their entire length and then lengthen fully until they are completely at rest. Rather than being able to fully relax their entire length, hard muscles remain partially contracted all the time, leaving us fatigued.

HSE is a sensory-motor learning which improves voluntary control of muscles so that range and freedom of movement grows. Hard, continually contracted muscles can not only become stronger, softer and more supple, with practice they will stay relaxed.

Introductory somatic exercise sessions in Cockermouth;

1st. 8th. 15th. October
3rd. 10th. 17th. December

9.30 ~ 11.30 am Quaker Meeting House, Kirkgate