Movement of the Jaw

The idea for my up and coming workshop came from my experience of hardly being able toKaren Douglas de Fenzi. Senhouse Centre open my mouth and chew, without discomfort and pain, following dental treatment. I researched into the functioning of the jaw in humans and found that we are rather like alligators and crocodiles in this respect! One muscle opens the mouth, the Lateral Ptergoid, whereas three powerful muscles close the mouth; we are better at biting in other words. I have learned that the jaw moves from the back by sliding and dropping forward. The ability of the jaw to move forward is the ability to open the mouth.

Come along to my next monthly workshop to relieve tension in the jaw, skull, neck and shoulders by exploring yourself, through movement. Any mystery about the temperomandibular joint (TMJ) will be taken away and you will learn how to loosen the upper body and neck-shoulder coordination. With practice you can find for yourself how to feel good from the inside.