Having Enough to Breathe

 “Creating New Comfortable Patterns of Movement in your Breathing” SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2020, 10 to 11.15am Online via zoom

November’s Hanna Somatic Movement class continues the theme of bringing your attention to the natural rhythm and movements of your breathing in relation to the associated movement of your ribs, shoulders and pelvis. Last month we worked with lengthening the abdominal muscles of your front, giving your diaphragm more space to expand your lungs. As you soften your abdominal muscles this in turn softens and relaxes the associated muscles involved in your breathing.

Email: karen@defenzimovement.co.uk     Mobile: 07515 884 640

This month we will focus on softening the side waist muscles that connect your pelvis with your ribs and interconnect with your upper trunk muscles and shoulders. You will learn, with practice, that by softening the associated muscles of your breathing, namely the internal and external abdominal obliques and pectorals major, your breathing goes deeper as your central nervous system upgrades your feedback and creates new, more comfortable patterns of movement.