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Somatic education was originated by the American philosopher Thomas Hanna, in 1976, to label the self-regulation capacities of the soma: the body experienced from within. He emphasised the person as central to the process of moving toward wellness and full functioning. Somatics addresses mind-body integration and wholeness.

Hanna’s concept of sensory motor amnesia refers to the tendency for humans to unconsciously “forget” certain movements or habituate ways of organising muscles or muscle groups, leaving the muscles chronically contracted.

Hanna Somatic Education can help a person reduce accumulated muscle contraction. Focusing attention on the internal sensations of movement while moving slowly and gently gives the brain the chance to notice what is happening in the body. Rather like slow-motion films are essential in sports training because they allow athletes to study details of a movement or play.

The effects of somatic exercise are cumulative and can help us recover free use of our body, actualise more potential, sleep better, develop relaxation skills, and achieve a greater sense of wholeness.