Free Body Strain Relief Classes

In support of phase two of the Cumbria Community Foundation Flood Relief Programme de Fenzi Movement is offering free Body Strain Relief classes as follows:-

EVERY FRIDAY at Greta Gardens Activities Room  KESWICK                          10 am – 12 noon  Starting 8 January

EVERY THURSDAY at the Eco Centre COCKERMOUTH                                   5.30 – 7 pm  Starting 14 January

If you are unable to arrive exactly on time that’s okay.

Eco Centre

The simple, gentle body movements Karen teaches are accessible to all, irrespective of age, mobility and level of previous experience of physical activity. Come along and learn how to: 

Relieve tension throughout your whole body, maintain resilience and gain a clear perspective on things, for yourself.

Venues arranged by Cumbria County Council and Cockermouth School.