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Strengthening the Role of ill-Health Prevention

fair-society-healthy-lives-the-marmot-review-ilaria-geddes-1-638I was reading Allerdale Borough Council’s 2015-19 health and wellbeing strategy, based on the 2010 Marmot review. Although a forum has been set up with various representatives from different organisations, my question is “how” can individuals practically become more involved in their own health and wellbeing maintenance The Marmot Review

One of the key messages of the Marmot Review is that if physically inactive people become active, then health inequalities narrow and the role of ill-health prevention is strengthened. As a body movement educator, the answer to my earlier question would be to help people find for themselves, what feels right and what doesn’t from within their own body. Identifying with the status of our own health, to me, is the first step in moving us into being “fully engaged” in thinking how our choices impact on others.  The Wanless Report emphasises how sound support can empower people to be “fully engaged”

This month de Fenzi Movement starts free body strain relief classes in Keswick and Cockermouth with the objective of supporting phase two of Cumbria Community Foundation flood relief programme. You can learn for yourself how to relieve tension throworld_health-457x500ughout your whole body, maintain resilience and find a clear perspective in difficult times. My experience tells me that once we know, for and by ourselves, how to identify and measure our health related quality of life for independent living, preventing disease, energy balance and weight control, we strengthen our role in ill-health Prevention. 

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