Becoming aware of events in my body

becoming aware of events in my body

It was a day in town with my three children when I first realised, fully, that my body wasn’t letting me do what I wanted it to do. An MRI scan and diagnosis of spondylosis later, I refused to accept high dose steroid injections into my lower spine. All my instincts told me not to stop doing all the things I enjoyed in life that involved moving my body freely ~ to me movement is health; if we keep moving we keep healthy.

With hanna somatics I have learned that it is not simply about identifying with and relieving my pain, it is much more than that. It is not just muscles, either, it’s a proprioceptive system (the ability of the brain to feel different parts of the body in relation to each other); and it is not just a proprioceptive system it is the very quality of life itself.

The movements designed by Thomas Hanna, are light, subtle and soft and because they are practiced with maximum conscious attention on the internal sensations of movement, the brain as well as the body is exercised.

It is rather like becoming an explorer, coming to know ourselves from within by mapping out our own internal cartography. If we can sense and feel it we can change it and do something about it in terms of our health.

DECEMBER small group sessions in hanna somatics

 Quaker Meeting House, Cockermouth.

Saturday 3rd. 10th. and 17th. December from 9.30 to 11.30 am