What People Say

Comments by Individuals who have Experienced Hanna Somatic Education
“the pain under my right shoulder blade that never goes away, has gone”
“I feel more upright”
“I’d forgotten that I can remember how to walk”
“now I allow myself to do less each day and I don’t get worked up about things that used to work me up”
“when I go home I will be able to talk to my children”

I do power yoga 4 or 5 times a week, defenzimovement is complementary to that but very different. The emphasis here is on relaxing, deep breathing and moving continuously through positions – as opposed to holding stretches in yoga.

I had full confidence in Karen throughout and left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I’ve built the main breathing sequence into my routine before stretching before doing sports like tennis. It’s very helpful to focus on that and get the mind totally still for a few minutes, often the only time my mind is like that during the day.

                                                Chris MacLeod, 3 December 2015

“Eight months after the car accident I still wake up in extreme pain, wondering if I should agree to spinal injections after all. I brought some tramadol with me to take after the session with Karen – but to my amazement I didn’t need to take anything for my back! And my migraine (associated with the whip lash) was gone as well. I’ve only had four sessions with Karen but already I’m willing to tell my doctor a firm no to his proposed steroid injections – somatics is a much more holistic approach to escaping pain”

                                                      Amber Elliot, 19th July 2015

In March this year, NLYG members and some of their keen students, enjoyed a fascinating morning of teaching by Karen Douglas de Fenzi. Karen is studying somatics, which emphasises awareness of the physical body from the inside….the movements were slow and almost hypnotic. The slow movements allow better proprioception (the knowledge of where your limbs are in space) and give time for muscles to release tension….Karen is studying with Martha Peterson, following the methods proposed by Thomas Hanna. Her teaching is gentle and sympathetic which made for a relaxing yet energising session…”

                   Susan Neal, North Lakes Yoga Group, March 2015