Self-care in the Workspace

Karen Douglas de Fenzi Energus Photode Fenzi Movement is a unique approach and a gentler way to maintaining self-care in the workspace, for the longer term.

The notion of embracing self-care in the workplace has traditionally focussed on either our mental or our physical capacities. Hanna Somatic Education is an evidenced-based approach that integrates psychological and neurophysiological aspects of human functioning. It generates new information and puts you back in touch with your own self-knowledge so you can feel good about yourself, from within. In learning how to release neuromuscular tension, experientially, you free yourself from postural and movement habits or other constraints that bind your thoughts, feelings and actions. We no longer have to settle for superficial work relationships and we can change our interpretation and responses to environmental stress.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi Business-Beneficial-Offer

Karen Douglas de Fenzi is a good teacher and creates an open environment, freed from goal-directed effort, to expand and step out of your comfort zone, taking a leap in your personal understanding, development and growth. In a series of ten ninety-minute sessions or over the course of two weekends you and your team and staff will have a personally profound experience, a shared experience in how to maintain your personal wellbeing.