Nurture and Retain

Karen Douglas de Fenzi Morton Manor LR2PNGde Fenzi Movement is in the same lineage as F. Matthias Alexander (the Alexander Technique), and Moshe′ Feldenkrais, a direct student of Alexander. Thomas Hanna was a direct student of Feldenkrais. By training at the Novato Institute in California, Karen Douglas de Fenzi is a direct student of Thomas Hanna and continues development of the conversation and collective ideas, philosophy and techniques in movement education.

The work addresses why people get caught up in chronic pain conditions, “pain” as a result of injury and stress that may be physical emotional and mental. In de Fenzi Movement’s philosophy, the body-mind connection is ordinary not exceptional.

If you are working towards improving working environments for your business then de Fenzi Movement may assist you in this process. Where there is talk in business circles about “introducing a mental health care programme”, or “offering a health and well being package”, for example, Karen Douglas de Fenzi can help consolidate and make your plans happen naturally and seamlessly. Specifically, de Fenzi Movement can enhance your attraction and retention of staff by facilitating how your people feel they are nurtured, actively engaged with, listened to and acknowledged.