Awaken your Nervous System and Regain Mobility

Awakening your nervous system is connected with your senses and your muscular system that underlie your cognitive system. Altogether they make up your neuro-musculoskeletal system. Hanna Somatic movements reprogramme your brain to “let go” of your muscle tension that may have built up over many years from an injury or response to stress in your life. For example your eye or neck muscles may cause you dizziness, or your diaphragm, breathing difficulties.

Because Karen guides you into making your movements slowly and to only hold them long enough for you to be able to sense and feel where your movements are coming from and what you are actually doing to make your movements, the motor-sensory cortex of your brain is stimulated, not your Cerebellum. The Cerebellum is situated in your more primitive brain and is very good at making automatic movement, but not so good at voluntary movement.

You are revealing yourself to yourself by effectively creating an internal impression of your movements in your brain. The plasticity of the brain allows you to relearn movement so that accumulated habit patterns that may have contributed to inappropriate action can be erased. By attending to how you move, new pathways can be traced from the motor-sensory cortex of your brain.

Hanna Somatic Education is the means of gaining deliberate access to body-mind connection, a common, ordinary experience everyone has moment-to-moment. The movements are electrical, physiological, mental, emotional and neurological and these are what define our experiences.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi Morton Manor LR