Karen Douglas de Fenzi with Eleanor Criswell-Hanna at the Novato Institute

Karen Douglas de Fenzi with Eleanor Criswell Hanna at the Novato Institute, California.

“Five years ago I could not get up out of bed in the morning or stand and walk from sitting to go upstairs without excruciating back pain. I was diagnosed with degeneration of my spine and advised to have steroid injections and not to go fell walking any more.”logo_A

Today, Karen Douglas de Fenzi walks the Lake District fells like a mountain goat and is leading a normal life, due to her practice of Hanna Somatic Movements. She is now a certified Hanna Somatic Educator, based in Cumbria,having qualified at The Novato Institute for Hanna Somatic Education, in California, in February 2019. Karen holds a sincere commitment to providing the highest quality professional services in the research,  science and practice of Hanna Somatic Education. 

Karen has been involved with the field of education for over twenty years, teaching GCSE Science and ‘A’ level Biology to high school students and bringing up her three children. She has also read Psychology with The Open University and carried out research into how women experience Caesarean birth. Karen later gained a Certificate of Professional Study in Child and Adolescent Counselling Skills with The University of Cambridge.

Karen’s passion is sharing the sense of freedom you can gain from graceful, effortless whole body movement. She believes there is not a single aspect of human existence which could not benefit from Hanna Somatic Movements. Karen Douglas de Fenzi