“I have experienced such debilitating pain and profound lethargy that there came a point where I thought that this was it for the rest of my life. But when the consultant told me I couldn’t do the things I knew were everything I wanted in life, a small voice inside me said NO and I found Hanna Somatic Education and overcame my pain. I know it works and has the validity and reliability to work for you too”

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“Five years ago I could not get up out of bed in the morning or stand and walk from sitting to go upstairs without excruciating back pain. I was diagnosed with degeneration of my spine and advised to have steroid injections and not to go fell walking any more”

Today, Karen Douglas de Fenzi walks the Lake District fells like a mountain goat and is leading a normal life, due to her personal practice of Hanna Somatic Movement. She is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator, based in Cumbria, having qualified at The Novato Institute for Hanna Somatic Research, Education and Training in California, in February 2019.

Karen has been involved with the field of education for over twenty years, teaching GCSE Science and A level Biology to high school students and bringing up her three children. She has also read Psychology with The Open University and carried out research into how women experience Caesarean birth. Karen gained a Certificate of Professional Study in Child and Adolescent Counselling Skills with The University of Cambridge in 2011. After thirty years of personally practicing yoga, Karen trained and achieved accreditation by The British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance and started teaching yoga classes in 2014. As she began learning how to take care of herself Hanna Somatically she first transformed her yoga classes into Somatic Yoga and then naturally evolved into exclusively teaching Hanna Somatic Movement Education.

Unleash your potential to be free from your pain, free from your thoughts and free from external influences when you
re-learn how to move.

You may have tried a variety of different approaches and seen numerous ‘experts’ but still feel tired, stiff and sore. You may love to do yoga or go training, perform or lead and you can’t any more because it hurts. Karen can guide you into understanding that this is just temporary and that the current ways in which you are responding to environmental stress can be changed.

We have all experienced pain in our lives but the question is what have we been able to do about it? Some people say well I can always sleep it off, others say I’ll pick up something from the pharmacy, while others reluctantly consider more permanent responses like surgery. But what if none of these stop your pain? What then?

Karen is an exceptionally good teacher and with her guidance, empathy and experience you will learn how to free yourself from pain. Karen Supports you completely so that you are able to progressively develop your movement practice and understand that there is continual scope for continuous improvement.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi with Eleanor Criswell-Hanna at the Novato Institute

Photograph of Karen Douglas de Fenzi with Eleanor Criswell – Hanna at The Novato Institute, California, in February 2019