Karen Douglas de Fenzi

Karen Douglas de Fenzi is the founder of de Fenzi Movement and as a Hanna Somatic Educator holds a sincere commitment to providing the highest quality professional services in the principles, philosophy and science of Hanna Somatic Education. She provides educational and clinical sessions for individuals and groups to improve their self-performed sensory-motor activities which then become centrally integrated into their nervous system. She disseminates educational materials to the public through talks and lectures and encourages the development of public benefit classes and instruction in Hanna Somatic Movement, relaxation and reeducation.

Karen is passionate about others being able to experience the physical, mental and emotional freedom that comes from effortless whole body movement. She believes there is not a single aspect of human existence that could not benefit from Hanna Somatic Movements. 

Karen discovered Hanna Somatic Education while experiencing adversity in her life and applied directly to The Novato Institute for somatic research and training in California. From the very beginning it enabled her to develop the courage and level of comfort to move slowly and subtly into and back out again, with control, from her neurophysiological and emotional pain. She was starting to self-monitor and self-heal many years of accumulated habit patterns of painful, inappropriate movement and ways of thinking. 

Karen has been involved with the field of education for over twenty years, teaching GCSE Science and ‘A’ level Biology to high school students and bringing up her three children. She has also read Psychology with The Open University and carried out research into how women experience Caesarean birth. Karen later gained a Certificate of Professional Study in Child and Adolescent Counselling Skills with The University of Cambridge.

When the circumstances in Karen’s life dramatically changed and she began experiencing physical and emotional pain over several years, she transformed her future and direction. She slowed down her pace of life and began looking at herself from an internal first-person perspective. Hanna Somatic Education gave her the freedom of self-monitoring and self-learning.