Thomas Working with ClientKaren Douglas de Fenzi’s work is evolved from the lineage of F. Matthias Alexander, founder of the Alexander Technique, Moshe′ Feldenkrais, who knew and worked with Alexander and Thomas Hanna, a direct student of Feldenkrais.  Karen trained at the Novato Institute, California, founded by Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell-Hanna and continues development of the conversation and collective ideas in movement education.

Hanna Somatic Education embraces pandiculation, a natural instinctive movement that all vertebrates do after they have slept, after they have eaten and whenever they feel stiffness or tightness. Thomas Hanna brought it into working with humans in a voluntary way. Ordinarily it is an automatic reflex but in Karen’s work as Hanna Somatic Educator, pandiculation is guided and related to you as her client to enhance your experience and so begin to voluntarily regulate it for yourself for most situations.

If you would like to work with Karen the emphasis will be for you to continue your Hanna Somatic development in between sessions and after you conclude your work with her. 

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Hanna Somatic Education recognises that you may become trapped and restricted by chronically contracted muscles. Thomas Hanna called this Sensory Motor Amnesia as you cannot move very well if your muscles are continually contracted without realising it. If you do not have the freedom any more to do the activities you love and enjoy because it hurts that’s actually temporary and can be changed, really quite quickly.

Also trauma and the trauma in your life whether it is massive trauma or vicarious trauma, when you hear or know about other people’s trauma, contracts muscles. Your muscles get more and more contracted and there is pain that goes with that restricted movement and there is a change in your sense of what you can do in your life and that can all be changed, sometimes within one hour’s session.

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Continuously contracted muscles, or Sensory Motor Amnesia, can be reversed. When you are working with Karen Hanna Somatically she guides you into using a different part of your brain. Rather than being brusque and not paying attention, you learn how to be slow, deliberate and focussed on how you move. You shift from using the Cerebellum which is at brainstem level of your brain to your Voluntary Motor Cortex. Engaging the Voluntary Motor Cortex changes the output to those muscles which were previously contracted so you can move more fluidly and feel less constrained. Old experiences can be less impactful for you and there may have be a situation or condition which you have been suffering from in your life which you did not really need to because you could have taken care of it. Now you have found Karen Douglas de Fenzi you can change yourself and become free from constraint and pain.

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With Karen you can learn how to use Hanna Somatic Movements to… 

~ Release and relieve any neuromuscular pain, both acute and chronic

~ Free yourself from muscular spasm, e.g. in the aftermath of a stroke 

~ Increase your ability to concentrate, pay attention and focus

~ Manage chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and stress

 ~ Improve your posture and movement

~ Ease your breathing

~ Enjoy physical activity and refine your athletic and leadership performance

~ Gain freedom in your thoughts and emotional tone 

~ Regain youthful, graceful and easy movement

~ Relieve dizziness

~ Enhance the quality of your life with neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons or Motor Neurone disease

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