Historical small groups & Events

 NOVEMBER WORKSHOP in Hanna Somatic Education

A six hour Workshop in Hanna Somatic Education is scheduled for two consecutive Saturdays on the 3rd and 10th November 2018 at The Cockermouth Quaker Meeting House. Each Saturday is from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Places are limited and payment is in advance. For further information and to reserve your place, please contact Karen on 07515 884 640.

Please see link to the location map for The Cockermouth Quaker Meeting House, below;

Cockermouth Quakers Meeting House Map Location

JANUARY deFenziMovement

Stress Relief Through Body Movement ~ for those affected by the floods

Come along and learn how to:
relieve tension throughout your whole body
maintain your resilience and
gain a clear perspective on things
Venue arranged by Cockermouth School

EVERY FRIDAY 10:00 am – 12:00 noon
starting 8 January 2016
Venue arranged by Cumbria County Council 

NLYG and de Fenzi Movement April Meeting


LET GO & RELEASE the negative effects of emotional stress & trauma through simple gentle body movement.
Every FRIDAY 1 – 3 pm in small group sessions led by Karen Douglas de Fenzi ~ from Friday 26 February onwards.
In support of anyone affected by the floods, including supporters and volunteers too, Karen Douglas de Fenzi will be offering you a gentle and effortless sequence of simple body movements that help you relieve tension throughout your whole body, relax the mind and restore your feeling of health and wellbeing, in difficult times. Your sense of accomplishment and resilience can be enhanced through practice of somatic movement, in the Thomas Hanna tradition, that Karen softly talks you through.
The movements are accessible to all irrespective of age, mobility and previous level of physical activity


23 April 2016

My inspiration for the theme of this workshop comes from my recent visit to the dentist. Simply having to keep my mouth open for an extended period of time brought tension into my left jaw, temple, neck and shoulders. It was only my practice of somatic movements that brought me relief.

Come along to my next monthly workshop and learn how to release tension yourself, through movement. Regular practice of somatic movement releases knotty, painful muscles and enables you to find for yourself how to feel good from the inside.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi. Senhouse Centre

The overarching objective of this workshop is for you to explore and investigate the nature of how your muscles feel when they actually relax. You will;

learn a slow, gentle approach to coming into movement so that with practice you will be able to feel when tension in your shoulders, neck, jaw and skull is released. If tension returns you will be able to identify it and do something about it, for yourself

remove any mystery surrounding temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain

experience the feeling of peace and calmness that comes from within ourselves, when we explore our internal geography

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The whole morning is £27 and to book your place, please contact Karen Douglas de Fenzi on 07515 884 640

19 March 2016

If you hold tension in your body and in particular are experiencing discomfort in your lower back or pelvis, you are welcome to come along and try Somatic Movement Education at the Senhouse Centre this Saturday morning.

Whitehaven_flyerA5_seaIn this workshop you can learn how sciatic and S-I joint pain may occur within your body and explore ways to release tension, through movement, for yourself.

You will, 

Explore how chronically tight muscle patterns created by past experiences (e.g. trauma, injury & stress) can be relieved.

Learn how to use a daily maintenance exercise series for ease of movement. 

Understand how your body responds to environmental stress and feel this for yourself.

The movements you learn gradually, with practice, become your own ~ so that should  tension or discomfort return, you will know what to do about it.

A morning of relaxation, release and rejuvenation, through movement, is £27.

Please contact Karen by email karen@defenzimovement.co.uk or phone 07515 884 640 to reserve your place.


Wellness & Mindfulness Hayton Castle

Saturday 5 March 2016   9:30 am ~ 9 pm

066 Hayton Castle

wellness & mindfulness Hayton Castle

On 5 March as part of The World Health Innovation Summit and in association with Martyn Blacklock I will be bringing you a day of Wellness and Mindfulness at Hayton Castle

de Fenzi Movement will introduce you to a simple sequence of gentle movements, developed by Thomas Hanna, that enables you to move toward greater mind-body integration, ease of movement and freedom of expression. Somatic education helps you use the brain to overcome the negative effects of stress, trauma and ageing. You can learn to remind your brain how to sense and feel your muscles; explore how chronically tight muscle patterns created by past experiences may be relieved by hearing more clearly the wisdom of our bodies; experience joy and accomplishment from the body’s renewed awareness.

For further information please contact Karen on 07515 884 640