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  • I will listen to you and guide you through a personalised practice plan, step-by-step, to explore what has happened to you in response to environmental stress.
  • I will ‘hold’ you in a safe and comfortable space and direct your attention specifically as you quietly move through your bespoke, self-paced Hanna Somatics session.
  • In every session with me you will be introduced to something new and receive clear guidance so you can make personal adjustments and refine your movement practice plan to suit your individual needs.
  • You will be completely supported for as long as you need me to establish and maintain your personal movement practice and until you know you can rely on it for a pain~free future.
  • As you integrate your practice plan into your lifestyle you will develop and grow and be able to look after yourself Hanna Somatically.

Feel free to call me on +44 (0) 7515 884 640

Here’s how you can get started …

    • Have a first telephone conversation with me to find out more about how I can help you.
    • Arrange a Zoom meeting time with me to share your experience of pain and for us together to work out a plan for you to overcome your pain and regain your freedom.
    • Schedule your first individual online Zoom session or person~to~person session where I share my skills and teach you movement techniques so you learn how to resolve your pain and go back to the person you know you can be.

Feel free to call me on +44 (0) 7515 884 640

I also Offer Private Group Sessions ~ As an experienced teacher, I tailor my emphasis and pace in each session in response to the collective needs of the members of your group.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi

Schedule a Session  +44 (0) 7515 884 640

I hold Private Individual Sessions at: 

Camerton Hall Cottage, Camerton,

Workington, Cumbria  CA14 1LS  

or if you prefer I travel to where you are.