Case histories

Pamela’s StoryAfter a few of Karen’s classes and practice of the movements at home I found it was a surprise to suddenly hit a very emotional spot. Initially I thought the current stress of experiencing the floods was causing this, but as time went on the self-awareness that the classes and practice brought led me to realise that something was going on, not just in the present but from the past also, both at the same time.

I was feeling quite vulnerable, but the classes and practice seemed to be helping me to open up my emotions instead of suppressing them.

The movements help me become more aware of where I hold tension in my body, and as a result of this awareness I am learning very slowly to let go of this tension. In particular, the gentle rocking of my pelvis with my breathing puts me in touch with inner muscles in my lower back that I was previously unaware of. Now, at times when I am relaxing, I find that these muscles are sometimes relaxing on their own and at other times when I think about them I can consciously relax them and release the tension.

Similarly, the hand, head, elbow and leg lift is helping me to become more aware of holding tension in my neck and shoulders and this awareness is helping me to let go of the tension and become in touch with my emotions behind this tension. It doesn’t yet happen all the time – it feels as though this needs to be a lifestyle change to become fully effective.

I am realising that as I am starting to learn to let the tension go I am slowly learning a different mental attitude to life – to let go instead of constantly putting myself under pressure. It feels like a big learning curve as it is so different from my previous life from childhood to present as a pensioner. The movements are definitely helping me to learn to live in a more relaxed manner and face the challenge of accepting change.

It is not too late to learn a different way of living.

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Sarah’s Story ~ 1st Session. Lying on the floor, on front and on back, breathing, feeling, slow movements, felt like I didn’t get it, but loved Karen’s slow sure voice and followed instructions as best I could.
Afterwards I felt, ah, I have my body back, something has started.
I felt more limber and centred in movement.

2nd session. I start to feel that the subtlety and slowness of the movement can slow my thought,
can quieten the noise in my mind, following Karen’s voice,
warm, generous, guiding,
because of the freedom to move within my own limits,
because of the slowness, I start to feel SAFE to move in ways that I have been scared to
because of recurring back problems.
I start to like the feel of the rocking rolling movement of lower back.

3rd session. This session was a breakthrough.
I managed to sink deep inside during the exercises, my body understanding better the movements.
I start to feel HAPPY with the rock and roll movement and feel the SUPPORT of the exhalation,
flattened waist, curled spine, I feel the movement itself as supportive and nurturing,
a beautiful feeling and realisation.
The session felt intense, and afterwards, when I stood up, I felt a rush of tears, a release of tension
from deep inside, wow, my body felt HAPPY. Hurray. I walk out feeling great.

4th session Now I feel more relaxed with the movements, more aware of the centre where the movement comes from.
I start to realise myself as a baby, strange and fun, and feel the beginning or at least, the possibility of ‘right’ movement.
Towards the end of the session, laughter, not tears this time, bursts out of me, and when I stand up I feel
something new, I feel spaces inside, there is space inside my body as well as mass. it feels very good.
I walk out with a new sense of uprightness in walking, more light, coordinated and it feels good and free
to walk.

5th session. During this session I feel irritated with pain in my body, I persevere gently through the irritation,
my lower back clunks, but I still feel safe and feel more trust with myself to move within my limits.
This is good, I continue, the mind’s judgments and fears quieten, the movements feel soothing.
After the session, upright, I feel the rush of space in the body, the freedom and JOY in walking.
[The next day I have a breakthrough in meditation healing, healing from the centre, body and mind!
pathways opening the ways of movement, of flow, and releasing pain. Wonderful.]

6th and 7th sessions. In these sessions I learn more about the movements, I can think less and relax more and feel more the fullness
of each exercise. Afterwards walking feels grand, centred, limber, relaxed. Oh happy body, happy me.
Because I feel more the centre, I can feel into the extremities and so feel more the wholeness, very cool.

After the 7th session, someone asks me how it was for me, and I feel my voice coming from deeper, from
a surer calmer place, a place more me, and I cry, for the release of pain, for the release of tension and from gratitude,
how lovely it feels to find this physical place inside where movement begins.

I think it really helped to come into the classes without knowing about the exercises at all.
A friend said it would be good for me and I believed her. She was right.
So I lay on the floor, followed instruction, felt inside, and slowly picked up what the movements are about,
first movements, instinctive movement, and I can feel the buzz of this inside and where I move from feels alive.
 I feel these movements teach me how to support myself, the rock and roll movement of the lower back,
the lifting and pressing of shoulders, head, legs, a supportive set of movements and one I can continue
to learn with, hopefully continuing to deepen the relaxation of the centre and so the whole of me. Yeh !!

Thank you Karen with heart felt gratitude.

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