27 MARCH 2021 Group Class 10AM to 11.15AM

This month’s class enables you to feel the fullness of your natural instinctive responses to environmental stress, to become more aware of how you are contracting certain muscle groups and importantly how to release out of those muscular contractions slowly, smoothly and under your own voluntary control. 

We can habitually curl forwards in on ourselves without realising it to protect against fear of failure, for example, or we can tighten up all the way along our back in anticipation of being overly demanded of and remain unaware we are holding those back muscles continually contracted long after the demand has ended. In March, Karen helps you escape the habituation of the human stress responses.

How to Soothe your heart, lungs and Digestion with Slow Movement

February’s class emphasises why it is more important to come out of a movement slowly so that your muscles can lengthen and rest. When you know how to release excess unconscious muscular contraction you have less aches and pains, your breathing and heart are not compromised, your nutrient distribution is more effective improving your immune system and you are in a better mood. I will talk you through small Hanna Somatic Movement so that you can voluntarily reduce your levels of muscular contraction so that tension in your whole system is lowered.

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Becoming more familiar with your breathing patterns BOXING DAY GROUP CLASS, 10 to 11.15am

December’s class brings your focus to all three dimensions of movement to familiarise yourself with the natural patterns of your breathing. Lessons one and two of this theme traced the forwards into flexion and backwards into extension movements in your spine and trunk. In lesson one you created more space in your abdomen for your diaphragm to move down into by releasing your abdominal muscles. In lesson two you learned how to increase your capacity and fill more air space in your lungs by softening the muscles connecting your upper and lower ribs.

This month’s class reminds you that softening the muscles of your abdomen and chest opens new space for air to be drawn into your lungs thereby making the movement patterns of your breathing easier and more comfortable. The third lesson in this theme teaches you that by yielding your waist muscles, not only does your breathing go deeper but you take in maximum oxygen effortlessly with every quiet and rested breath. My verbal guidance adds in the side-to-side and rotational dimensions of movement into your breathing patterns exploration to feel less heavy and more energised within yourself.

Having Enough to Breathe

 “Creating New Comfortable Patterns of Movement in your Breathing” SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2020, 10 to 11.15am Online via zoom

November’s Hanna Somatic Movement class continues the theme of bringing your attention to the natural rhythm and movements of your breathing in relation to the associated movement of your ribs, shoulders and pelvis. Last month we worked with lengthening the abdominal muscles of your front, giving your diaphragm more space to expand your lungs. As you soften your abdominal muscles this in turn softens and relaxes the associated muscles involved in your breathing.

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This month we will focus on softening the side waist muscles that connect your pelvis with your ribs and interconnect with your upper trunk muscles and shoulders. You will learn, with practice, that by softening the associated muscles of your breathing, namely the internal and external abdominal obliques and pectorals major, your breathing goes deeper as your central nervous system upgrades your feedback and creates new, more comfortable patterns of movement.


New Monthly Zoom Class, Saturday 31 October 2020, 10-11.15 am UK Time

Open to all via zoom link, this is an occasion for you to introduce yourself to Hanna Somatic Education or extend your personal enquiry a little further if you are already a private client of mine or have been to my public classes in Cumbria and the Lake District.

This is a free class on the last Saturday of every month and you may like to make a recommended donation of £15 (£5 of which will be contributed towards red squirrel conservation). If you would like to register for this month’s class on Saturday 31 October from 10~11.15am UK time;

Email:  karen@defenzimovement.co.uk 


If you would like any further information, please feel free to call me:

Karen’s Mobile: +44 (0) 7515 884 640