Escape Injury

Gardening and walking can be enjoyed with all the family and your enjoyment can be enhanced even more when you can move freely and comfortably. With Hanna Somatic Education you can release continually contracted muscles you have forgotten the sensation of and increase resistance to injury by practicing a few key movements, once or several times each day, briefly, so you can get back to tending your garden or walking in the countryside.


One of the unique features of Hanna Somatic Education is pandiculation. It is rather like giving your muscles a lovely yawn. We see cats and dogs doing this all throughout their day making them primed and ready for action. Pandiculation gives you soft, supple muscles rather that hard, tight ones. The technique involves;

slowly contracting a muscle group that feels tight or sore, firmly yet gently, within your comfort range,

slowly decontracting that same group of muscles you previously contracted, and

then resting that group of muscles before going into the same movement once more.

This link to Thomas Hanna Somatic Education gives further information about active pandiculation versus passive stretching. Acquiring this knowledge, as well as putting it into practice, has enabled me to continue my enjoyment of fell walking without sustaining injury.