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Unleash your potential to be free from your pain, free from your thoughts and free from external influences by re~learning how to move

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Usual person~to~person bookings are £100 a session, which will resume after the Covid-19 restrictions subside.

Here is your plan to get you started;

1. Have a first telephone conversation with me and talk about how I can help you personally;

2. Arrange a zoom session time with me for you to share your experience of pain and loss of freedom so we can work out a bespoke plan for you to maintain a pain~free future;

3. Book your first online zoom session or person~to~person session where you will learn specific Hanna Somatic Movement techniques from me to develop your personal freedom.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi

Schedule a session   +44 (0) 7515 884 640

“Five years ago I could not get up out of bed in the morning or stand and walk from sitting to go upstairs without excruciating back pain. I was diagnosed with degeneration of my spine and advised to have steroid injections and not to go fell walking any more.”Lucia's Transparent SomaMan Graphic

Today, Karen Douglas de Fenzi walks the Lake District fells like a mountain goat and is leading a normal life, due to her personal practice of Hanna Somatic Movement. She is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator, based in Cumbria, having qualified at The Novato Institute for Hanna Somatic Research, Education and Training in California, in February 2019. 

Schedule a session   +44 (0) 7515 884 640