Welcome to de Fenzi Movement, specialising in Hanna Somatic Education, a natural and gentle way to life long wellbeing. Hanna Somatics is a practical approach for you to use in your own time to improve your situation in life, for yourself.

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Hanna Somatic Education is movement education, teaching you how to interpret your internal sensations more accurately. By making very small and slow movements you are providing yourself with sensory-motor, or “bio” feedback to release muscles that have unconsciously become continually contracted. Releasing continually contracted muscles frees you from constraint in all of your psychological and physiological functioning.

Actively you are replacing ‘old’ habit patterns with new ones and gaining active control of a formerly involuntary process. By receiving new sensory information, through movement, you are inviting the voluntary motor cortex of your brain to lay a scent for neurons to follow and create new pathways, so, practically, you have functional ability greater than before.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi PhotoKaren Douglas de Fenzi is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator. She believes this phenomenal work bridges the gap between the fields of personal health and education because at its core lies self understanding and self trust that continually improves from being able to sense into your own internal proprioceptive feedback.