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You want to resolve the pain you have been experiencing for more than three months now or perhaps for years. You are an accomplished and successful person and know what you want for your future. There are many treatments and specialists you have previously tried and are looking for something new, a difference in approach, a technique you can rely on to take you deeper and get to the root cause of your pain. Perhaps you have already read Thomas Hanna’s book “Somatics Reawakening the Mind’s Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health” and have tried some of the illustrated Hanna Somatic Movements?

But you have not been able to overcome your pain so far. Your freedom has been removed. The physiological-psychological-emotional pain gives you self-doubt. But you know that you deserve better than this and you are determined to show yourself you can lead a pain-free future and all you need is a guide in that process.

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Karen Douglas de Fenzi verbally guides you through very small, slow and deliberate movements, which invite you to voluntarily de-contract muscles that are unconsciously chronically contracted. Hanna Somatic Movement provides you with new sensory information which replaces ‘old’ uncomfortable habits with new enjoyable avenues of movement.

By maintaining these movements, changes are made to the connections between your muscles and brain. You are actively encouraging the voluntary motor cortex of your brain to lay a new ‘scent’ for neurons to follow and create new pathways that refine your motor control. This in turn rebalances and integrates all of your functioning and frees you from constraint psychologically, emotionally and physiologically.

You will experience a movement education that enables you to become self sufficient in exploring and reducing your own pain, tension and anxiety.

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Schedule a session +44 (0) 7515 884 640

Karen Douglas de Fenzi is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator. She believes this phenomenal work bridges the gap between the fields of personal health and education because at its core lies self-understanding and self-trust that continually improves because you can sense into your own internal proprioceptive feedback.