Lucia's Transparent SomaMan Graphicde Fenzi Movement specialises in Hanna Somatic Education, a natural way to free yourself from neuromuscular constraints that inhibit your freedom to move, think and respond to the stresses and traumas in life.

Through seven, slow, predictable movements, you invite the voluntary motor cortex of your brain to lay a scent for neurons to follow and create new pathways, so, practically, you have functional ability greater than before.

You become aware of incoming streams of sensory information, proprioceptively, in the moment of movement. Somatically, you get into sensory-motor habits and actively create new options for active control of a formerly involuntary process.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi PhotoSensing your internal proprioceptive feedback is the core of this phenomenal work, which Karen believes bridges the gap between the fields of personal health and education.