Lucia's Transparent SomaMan GraphicWelcome to de Fenzi Movement, specialising in Hanna Somatic Education, a natural and gentler way to life long wellbeing. Hanna Somatics is a practical approach for you to use in your own time to personally gain freedom through movement and continually create space for yourself to improve your situation in life.

Working in collaboration with the Centre 0f Research in Health and Social Inequalities and University of Cumbria Active, Karen Douglas de Fenzi is an internationally renowned Hanna Somatic Educator.

Karen is accepting invitations to give lectures and interactive seminars on Hanna Somatic Education for groups, organisations and institutes.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi Photo

Hanna Somatic Education is movement education that changes the connection between your muscles and brain to help you in a definitive way. You reduce anxiety and tension by making very small, slow and deliberate movements. Hanna Somatic Movement invites you to voluntarily de-contract muscles which are unconsciously chronically contracted. Through movement you provide yourself with new sensory information which replaces ‘old’ uncomfortable habit patterns with the new possibility of movement you could not have recognised or enjoyed before. You are actively and voluntarily re-setting the resting tonus of your muscles and can maintain that state. This in turn rebalances and integrates all of your functioning and frees you from constraint psychologically, emotionally and physiologically.

Hanna Somatic Movements invite the voluntary motor cortex of your brain to lay a new ‘scent’ for neurons to follow and create new pathways that refine your motor control, relieve stiffness and pain and so effortlessly enhance your performance.

Karen Douglas de Fenzi is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator. She believes this phenomenal work bridges the gap between the fields of personal health and education because at its core lies self-understanding and self-trust that continually improves because you can sense into your own internal proprioceptive feedback.