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Karen Douglas de Fenzi Getting your fredom back without web address“I provide people in pain with a tailored movement practice plan so they can learn how to manage their pain-free future, independently.”


Often I’m asked, “How can you help me get out of pain?” People tell me after they have tried a Hanna Somatics private session or group Hanna Somatics class, that they are surprised by how much they feel better and more alive within themselves.

This is because much of the tension and pain we experience seems to come directly from muscles that are chronically contracted.


Currently I am offering personal online Hanna Somatics sessions and group Hanna Somatic classes, via zoom. My next group class, which is limited to six people, is scheduled for Saturday 8th August from                                                      10 – 11.30am UK time and is £45 per person.Lucia's Transparent SomaMan Graphic

REGISTER for this class. Once you have registered, please contact me, Karen Douglas de Fenzi, for payment information.

My group classes are accompanied by free personal support from me afterwards for one week and include a free unedited audio recording of the class. Places are limited to six people so I am able to see everyone clearly on screen. At the beginning of the class I give guidance on how to set yourself up in your own personal space so that you are comfortable.

My personal individual Hanna Somatics sessions are currently £100.

Feel free to contact me (Karen Douglas de Fenzi):                 Mobile: +44 (0) 7515 884 640  



And we can get started by;

1. You having a free telephone consultation to work out together how I may help you personally regain comfort and release pain;

2. Arranging an online session where you will learn specific Hanna Somatic techniques to learn how you have been impacted by environmental stress.

“Hanna Somatics with Karen has unleashed my potential to be free from pain, free from my thoughts and free from external influences, as I have re-learned how to move”

Karen Douglas de Fenzi

I work privately with individuals and groups.

I also hold public classes by invitation.

Feel free to call me for further information:

  +44 (0) 7515 884 640

“Five years ago I could not get up out of bed in the morning or stand and walk from sitting to go upstairs without excruciating back pain. I was diagnosed with degeneration of my spine and advised to have steroid injections and not to go fell walking any more.”Lucia's Transparent SomaMan Graphic

Today, Karen Douglas de Fenzi walks the Lake District fells like a mountain goat and is leading a normal life, due to her personal practice of Hanna Somatic Movement. She is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator, based in Cumbria, having qualified at The Novato Institute for Hanna Somatic Research, Education and Training in California, in February 2019. 

Schedule a session   +44 (0) 7515 884 640